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P06  Clemens Glaubitz


Institute of Biophysical Chemistry,
Center for Biomolecular
Magnetic Resonance
Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.
Max-von-Laue-Str. 9
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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P06 The mechanism of primary-active transporters, light-driven channels and pumps studied by solid-state NMR


For translocating substrates across membranes, transport proteins undergo conformational changes at different times and length scales and often require long-range communication between distant domains. Their function is closely coupled to the membrane environment and linked to a complex energetic framework. We will address the interplay between structure, dynamics, transport and catalytic/energetic cycle within the lipid bilayer by applying solid-state NMR methods and biochemical approaches to proteins from the ABC transporter and retinal binding protein families.

The first part of this project will focus on bacterial retinal proteins. In the last funding period, our research efforts were dedicated to proteorhodopsin. Using solid-state NMR and dynamic nuclear polarization, we were able to identify functionally important cross-protomer contacts, reveal essential details of color tuning and developed an approach to fuse this protein from separately expressed fragments using split-inteins. We will now extend these studies towards KR2, which is a pentameric retinal protein complex from the marine flavobacterium Krokinobacter eikastus. It functions as light-driven proton pump but also provides Na+ transport. A single mutation turns it into a K+ pump, which makes it also an attractive target for optogenetic applications. Our aim will be to resolve the structural details of ion transfer and its link to the photocycle, ion selectivity, the role of the oligomeric complex and generally functional relevant structure and dynamic features of this protein.

In a joint effort within the CRC, we will also expand our previous research on channelrhodpsin-2. So far, we were able to trap intermediate states for solid-state NMR analysis providing a first glimpse at the retinal structure. Using more advanced labeling schemes, the retinal structure during the photocycle and its contacts with adjacent residues will be resolved, which will provide an insight how the photocycle is linked with the channel gating mechanism.

The second part of the project is dedicated to the lipid-A flippase MsbA from E. coli, a homo-dimeric ABC exporter. We were able to establish conditions under which well-resolved solid-state NMR spectra of the apo- and of different catalytically trapped states can be acquired. Furthermore, iso-tope labeled lipid-A as substrate could be detected in complex with MsbA. This will now enable us to observe fine structural changes during the catalytic cycle in order to develop a better understanding of the cross-talk between nucleotide-binding and transmembrane domains. This work will be carried out in the context of our recent findings that MsbA follows a much more complex nucleotide-based catalytic mechanism based on a coupled ATPase/kinase activity. This observation adds a new perspective to the energetics and regulation of ABC transporters. 




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Tampé (P16), Heilemann (P20), Morgner (P24), Hummer (P25), Wachtveitl/Bamann (P12), 
Prisner/Joseph (P07), Schwalbe (P13), Dötsch/Bernhard (P02), Ernst (P21)