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P16 Translocation mechanism of ABC exporters and the peptide-loading complex


The transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) is a focal point in adaptive immunity against infected or malignantly transformed cells. The heterodimeric ABC transporter shuttles proteasomal degradation products into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) for loading onto major histocompatibility complex class-I (MHC-I) molecules. A macromolecular peptide loading complex (PLC), consisting of TAP1/2, the chaperones tapasin, calreticulin, ERp57, MHC-I heavy chain, and β2-microglobulin, orchestrates the recognition, translocation, editing, and final transfer of peptides to MHC-I. As major breakthroughs of the current funding period, we delineated the mechanistic basis of the directionality and energetics of the TAP complex and we specified the stoichiometry, interaction principles, as well as the mechanistic mode of action of key components of the PLC. Furthermore, we unveiled two hitherto unknown inhibition mechanisms of how two unrelated viral factors encoded by herpesvirus and poxvirus inhibit TAP by different strategies and thereby escape immune surveillance. Finally, we determined the first structure of an ABC transporter by single-particle cryo-EM in a unique asymmetric inward-open conformation.

In the upcoming funding period, we aim at investigating the newly identified trans-inhibition mechanism, conformational states, and dynamics of the TAP and related ABC transporters. We will study the architecture of the translocation machineries at different levels of complexity using viral inhibitors, antibody fragments, and strategic mutations to arrest the ABC transporters in defined states for structural and mechanistic studies. The proposal focuses on the translocation and trans-inhibition mechanisms of the TAP complex and related ABC transporters, the identification of different conformational states and their allosteric coupling during the translocation cycle. We will address the structural organization of the PLC and its inhibition by viral immune evasion proteins using an integrative structural and functional approach. The PLC is probably the most complex machinery in antigen processing known and, with millions of substrates, the scope of its multitasking functions is likewise unparalleled.







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– Highlighted by Cutting Edge Article: J Immunol 195, 4041-2.

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*corresponding authors





Kühlbrandt (P01), Glaubitz (P06), Prisner/Joseph (P07), Abele (P09), Heilemann (P20), Geertsma (P23), Morgner (P24), Hummer (P25)