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P4  Christine Ziegler


Institute of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, 
University of Regensburg
95053 Regensburg

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Former member of the

Department of Structural Biology
Max Planck Institute of Biophysics
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

P4 Dynamic molecular description of transport regulation in BetP

The molecular understanding of secondary transport, in particular how transport activity is regulated, is one of the cutting-edge questions in biological science. The osmoregulated betaine symporter BetP, one of the best-characterized regulated carriers, responds to osmotically driven changes in the membrane and in cytoplasmic K+-concentration. We have solved seven X-ray structures of tri-meric BetP in different conformational states under active and inactive conditions. In combination with our functional data, we obtained first insights into a molecular mechanism of regulated transport in BetP. For the future, we aim for a complete and dynamic description of osmoregulation in BetP in the sense of a molecular movie by combining X-ray and electron crystallography with functional measurements, EPR spectroscopy and bioinformatics. Firstly we will focus on solving the last two missing states of the alternating-access cycle of BetP. Secondly we will investigate by crystallog-raphy and PELDOR how alternating-access in BetP is affected by a ternary regulatory interaction network of the terminal domains and anionic lipids during K+-activation. Thirdly we will exploit our knowledge on BetP to understand transport of the medically important osmolytes ectoine and tau-rine. In addition, we will study structure and function of putative ancestor proteins to investigate the evolutionary link between unrelated osmolyte transporter families. 

Rigid body fitting of the X-ray structure of BetP to 3.3Å resolution to the 3D map of BetP determined by electron-crystallography to 8Å from 2D crystals.



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* corresponding authors 





Kühlbrandt (P1), Michel (P3), Prisner (P7), Fendler/Bamberg (P10), Schäfer (P19)