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P25  Gerhard Hummer
Professor and Director


Department of
Theoretical Biophysics
Max Planck Institute of Biophysics
Max-von-Laue-Str. 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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P25 Atomistic simulation and modeling of active membrane transport

Understanding the mechanisms of active membrane transport is a central theme of the CRC 807. Project P25 will use atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and modeling to study the function of key proteins involved in active transport, working closely with the experimental groups within the Center. MD simulations make it possible to monitor biomolecular systems with atomic resolution as they carry out their functions. Simulation and modeling thus complement and extend the structural, biochemical and biophysical studies carried out within the CRC.

We will concentrate on two systems: the modeling and simulation of proton-coupled rotary motion in ATP synthase, on the basis of the recent ATP synthase dimer structure from the Kühlbrandt lab (P01); and of ABC transporter function on the basis of the recent structure of TmrAB from the Tampé lab (P16). Key questions to be addressed by the MD simulations of ATP synthase concern (i) proton access and release in the Fo motor, (ii) the coupling of this transmembrane proton transfer to the rotatory motion of its c-ring, and (iii) the transmission of this motion to the F1 motor via the rotor shaft and its interface with the c-ring. In the ABC transporter study, we will investigate (i) substrate binding, (ii) its coupling to closure of the ATP binding sites, and (iii) the associated global conformational dynamics.

The results of the atomistic MD simulations will provide a basis for the development of detailed, quantitative, and experimentally testable models of the mechanochemical coupling in ATP synthase and ABC transporter function. We will also provide modeling and simulation support to other projects within the CRC.





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Kühlbrandt (P01), Prisner/Joseph (P07), Abele (P09), Wachtveitl/Bamann (P12),
Schwalbe (P13), Müller (P14),  Tampé (P16), Heilemann (P20), Ernst (P21), Hänelt (P22)