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P22  Inga Hänelt



Institute of Biochemistry
Goethe University Frankfurt
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60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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P22 Functional modulation of the K+ transporter KtrAB in vivo
and in vitro

The capability of osmoadaptation is a prerequisite of organisms living in an environment with changing salinity. As a first response to a hyperosmotic shock K+ is taken up to counteract the loss of water, which otherwise would lead to cell death. Similarly, the maintenance of a steady cellular K+ concentration is essential for cell survival under K+ limitation. A key player for the K+ homeostasis in bacteria is the uptake system KtrAB. Though its physiological role in bacteria is well described we are lacking knowledge on the molecular function and regulation of this protein. The key question whether KtrAB acts as channel, transporter, or chimera of both remains to be answered. Our current research focuses on the elucidation of the structure-function relationship of the protein complex. Structural and dynamic information is gained from cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, and EPR spectroscopy while the nucleotide and cation dependency of the protein’s function is studied by electrophysiology and transport assays.

Beyond the objectives of our present studies, one important factor – the changing composition of the lipid bilayer upon osmotic stress and its effect on the complex formation and activation – will be in focus of the newly proposed project. In vivo studies using fluorescence microscopy will elucidate the protein assembly and distribution in osmotically stressed and non-stressed cells, correlating with specific membrane compositions. This knowledge will be transferred to in vitro studies using EPR techniques, electrophysiology, and transport assays in which the protein activity and dynamics will be studied in dependence of defined lipid compositions. Ultimately, protein complexes, reconstituted into nanodiscs with defined lipid compositions, may be forced into new conformations, which will be elucidated by cryo-EM studies. 

In summary, we aim at suggesting a detailed transport cycle of KtrAB, which includes structures of the closed, inactive and open, active conformation of the complex and identifies the functional and structural roles of nucleotide, lipid and cation binding. 





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*corresponding authors, #equal contribution





Kühlbrandt (P01), Pos (P18), Geertsma (P23), Tampé (P16), Hummer (P25),
Morgner (P24), Heilemann (P20)