This Collaborative Research Center (SFB 807) is supported by the
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) 

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Other Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) / Sonderforschungsbereiche (SFB)

SFB 1208 - Identify and dynamics of membrane systems (Düsseldorf;
speaker: Lutz Schmitt)

SFB 1190 - Transport machineries and contact sites of cellular compartments (Göttingen; speaker: Peter Rehling) 

SFB 803 - Functionality controlled by organization in and between membranes (Göttingen; speaker: Claudia Steinem)

SFB 894 - Cutting edge concepts in Calcium signaling (Homburg; speaker: Jens Rettig)

CRC/TRR 152 - Physiology of TRP channels (Munich, Freiburg, Saarbrücken, Heidelberg, Leipzig; speaker: Thomas Gudermann)

SFB 944
- Physiology and dynamics of cellular microcompartments (Osnabrück;
speaker: Christian Ungermann) 

SFB 958 - Membrane Scaffolding: molecule mechanisms and cellular functions (Berlin; speaker: Stephan J. Sigrist)

CRC/TRR 83 - Molecular architecture and cellular functions of lipid/protein complexes (Heidelberg, Dresden, Berlin; speaker: Thomas Söllner)