Principal Investigator


P8  Lucy Forrest
Group Leader


Computational Structural Biology Group
Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

Max-von-Laue-Str. 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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P8 Computational studies of alternating access mechanisms in sodium-dependent secondary transporters

The alternating-access mechanism provides a theoretical foundation for understanding how membrane transporters function. A key observation is that a relationship appears to exist between the inverted structural repeats within these proteins, and their ability to adopt multiple conformations. Based on this notion, our group uses computational approaches guided by experimental data in order to model alternate states of various sodium-dependent secondary transporters. In addition, to further understand the structure-function relationships of transport and regulation in these proteins, we utilize bioinformatics tools such as homology modeling and sequence analysis, as well as molecular dynamics simulations.




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Ziegler (P4), Mäntele (P5), Kühlbrandt (P1)