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Colloquium SFB 807

Biocenter / Campus Riedberg, Max-von-Laue-Str. 9, Frankfurt a.M.



Colloquium Winter 2011/2012


Thu 09.02.2012 - CEF & SFB 807 Joint Seminar:
Dr. Robert Ernst
, MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden:
Crosstalk of lipid saturation and protein homeostasis.

Wed 01.02.2012 - Dr. David Drew, Imperial College London / United Kingdom:
Tools and Structures to unravel the Ins and Outs of Secondary Transport.

Wed 18.01.2012 - PD Dr. Günter Fritz, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg:
The structure of Na+-translocating NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase from Vibrio cholerae.

Wed 23.11.2011 - Dr. Ilka Diester, Ernst Strüngmann Institute gGmbH Frankfurt:
From membrane proteins to behavior: Optogenetics for systems neuroscience and neuroprosthetics.

Wed 26.10.2011 - Prof. Dr. Joachim Spatz, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart: Cellular response induction to chemically, physically and structurally defined micro-environments.



Colloquium Summer 2011


Thu 08.09.2011 - Joint seminar of SFB 807, CEF & MPI of Biophysics:
Prof. Dr. Scott C. Blanchard, Weill Cornell Medical School, New York / USA:
Revealing key structure-function relationships in conserved molecular machines using single-molecule fluorescence imaging.

Wed 06.07.2011 - Prof. Dr. Tobias Walther, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven / USA:
The Phase of Fat: the cell biology of Lipid Droplets.

Wed 29.06.2011 - Prof. Dr. Hassane S. Mchaourab, Vanderbilt University, Nashville / USA: EPR Spectroscopy on Membrane Transporters.

Wed 08.06.2011 - Prof. Dr. Vlad Denic, Harvard University, Cambridge / USA:
The mechanism of tail anchored protein insertion into the ER membrane.

Thu 26.05.2011 - Joint seminar MPI of Biophysics & SFB 807:
Prof. Dr. Tom Rapoport
, Harvard Medical School, Boston / USA:
Mechanisms of protein transport across membranes.

Wed 13.04.2011 - Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi, ETH Zürich / Switzerland:
The unique system of N-linked protein glycosylation.



Colloquium Winter 2010/2011


Wed 26.01.2011 - Prof. Dr. Christopher Miller, Brandeis University, Waltham / USA:
Molecular recognition in a virtual proton pump.

Tue 18.01.2011 - Dr. Lars Schäfer, University of Groningen / The Netherlands:
Proteins moving Lipids moving Proteins.

Wed 01.12.2010 - Prof. Dr. Douglas C. Rees, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena/ USA: Structural and mechanistic diversity of ABC transporters.

Wed 24.11.2010 - Prof. Dr. Irmgard Sinning, Universität Heidelberg:
Novel insights into SRP-mediated protein targeting.

Tue 09.11.2010 - Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen, LMU München:
Coordination of thylakoid membrane biogenesis.



Colloquium Summer 2010


Wed 07.07.2010 - Prof. Dr. Bill Zerges, Concordia University, Montreal / Canada:
mRNAs are localized to novel chloroplast compartments for photosystem biogenesis and oxidative stress tolerance.

Thu 17.06.2010 - Joint CEF & SFB 807 seminar:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jan Slotboom
, University of Groningen / The Netherlands:
Bacterial ABC importers with and without soluble binding domains.

Wed 09.06.2010 - Prof. Dr. Marcus Textor, ETH Zürich / Switzerland:
Surface modification by self-assembly of functional polymers for directing biological response of proteins, cells and bacteria.

Wed 12.05.2010 - Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler, Universität Freiburg:
Functional proteomics of native GABAB receptors - new insights into an old GPCR.

Wed 07.04.2010 - PD Dr. Armen Mulkidjanian, Universität Osnabrück:
Emergence and evolution of rotary ATPases.



Colloquium Winter 2009/2010


Tue 16.03.2010 - Joint CEF & SFB 807 seminar:

Prof. Dr. Miriam B. Goodman, Stanford University School of Medicine / USA:

Using C. elegans to deconstruct neurosensory mechanotransduction.


Tue 16.02.2010 - Joint CEF & SFB 807 seminar:

Prof. Dr. Robert T. Sauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge / USA: Allosteric protein machines: back to the future.


Thu 11.02.2010 - Prof. Dr. Karl Kuchler, Medical University Vienna / Austria:

Yeast ABC transporters in cellular detoxification, stress relieve and membrane protection.

Wed 13.01.2010 - Prof. Dr. Blanche Schwappach, University of Manchester / UK:

Biogenesis of tail-anchored proteins - the beginning for the end?

Wed 02.12.2009 - PD Dr. Oliver Ernst, Charité Berlin: How receptors talk to G proteins: Insights from functional and structural studies.

Wed 04.11.2009 - Prof. Dr. Markus Zweckstetter, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen: Structure and interactions of the human voltage dependent anion channel.



Colloquium Summer 2009


Wed 08.07.2009 - Prof. Dr. Mark Girvin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York / USA: Using solution NMR to study membrane transporters.

Wed 10.06.2009 - Prof. Dr. Chad M. Rienstra, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/ USA: Atomic resolution structure determination of membrane proteins by magic-angle spinning NMR.

Wed 13.05.2009 - Prof. Dr. Helmut Grubmueller, MPI für Biophysikalische Chemie, Göttingen: Forces and conformational dynamics in biomolecular nanomachines.

Wed 15.04.2009 - Prof. Dr. Anna Seelig, University of Basel / Switzerland:

The function of the ABC transporter P-glycoprotein - Predicting substrates and inhibitors.

Wed 01.04.2009 - Prof. Dr. Klaas Martinus Pos, Goethe Universität Frankfurt/M:

Resistance by RND membrane proteins: Structural insights and functional tales.



Colloquium Winter 2008/2009


Wed 11.02.2009 - Prof. Dr. Claudia Steinem, Universität Göttingen:
Functionality of ion channels, pores and pumps in pore-suspending membranes.

Wed 04.02.2009 - Prof. Dr. Daniel Choquet & Dr. Grégory Giannone, Université
Bordeaux / France: Mapping mobility of membrane receptors in confined environments: synapses and adhesion sites.

Wed 28.01.2009 - Joint seminar SFB 472, SFB 579, SFB 807:
Prof. Dr. Ronald Kaback, University of California, Los Angeles / USA:
Lactose permease: crystals ain't everything.

Wed 21.01.2009 - Prof. Dr. Hermann Koepsell, Universität Würzburg:
Structure and function of organic cation transporters.

Wed 17.12.2008 - Prof. Dr. Mathias Winterhalter, Universität Bremen:
Permeation through porin.

Wed 03.12.2008 - Prof. Dr. Rajini Rao, The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore / USA:
Novel cation/proton antiporters of the NHE and NHA families: from yeast to mammals.

Thu 27.11.2008 - Prof. Dr. Janet M. Wood, University of Guelph / Canada:
Osmosensing by transporters ProP and LacY from Escherichia coli.

Wed 19.11.2008 - Dr. Michael Börsch, Universität Stuttgart:
Monitoring single ion transporters at work.

Wed 05.11.2008 - Dr. Ilka Wittig, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt/Main:
Isolation of native supramolecular protein assemblies.



Colloquium Summer 2008


Wed 24.09.2008 - Prof. Dr. Gary Rudnick, Yale University School of Medicine / USA:

Serotonin transporters: mechanisms of transport and regulation.


Thu 11.09.2008 - Dr. Mathis Riehle, University of Glasgow / United Kingdom: Engineering cellular function with micro- and nanostructured surfaces in 2 and 3 dimensions.