Otto Stern Center, 
Lecture Hall H2,
Campus Riedberg


Goethe University Frankfurt
Ruth-Moufang-Str. 2
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Conference Announcement


CRC 807 - International Symposium

New Horizons in
Membrane Transport and Communication

October 4-6, 2017
Otto Stern Center on Campus Riedberg,
Goethe University Frankfurt

The symposium will focus on emerging topics in the field of membrane biology and the structure, function and dynamics of membrane-associated macromolecular complexes. This conference is intended to bring together world-leading scientiests of diverse backgrounds (biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, cell and structural biology, theory, medicine) with the local and national membrane-transport research community.

In addition, some short talks will be selected from the poster abstracts and poster prices will be announced.





  • Receptors, Transporters and Channels
  • Membrane Dynamics, Contacts and Scaffolds
  • Assembly and Folding of Membrane Complexes
  • From Design to Synthetic Biology
  • Native Complexes and In-Cell Approaches
  • From Membrane Structure to Mesoscale Organization
  • Optochemical and Optogenetics Tools

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